Protect your Single Page Applications with Sqreen

Thanks to modern frameworks like React, Vue and Angular, web developers are empowered to build rich and interactive applications that provide user experiences similar to native apps.

Sqreen will help you protect your Single Page Applications (SPA) against:

  • Cross-site scripting with the X-XSS-Protection header and a Content Security Policy (CSP).
  • Clickjacking with the X-Frame-Options header.
  • Referrer leaking the X-Referrer-Policy header.
  • Arbitrary content upload with the X-Content-Type-Options header.

We’ll guide you in deploying these headers with hosting solutions like Netlify and also Apache or Nginx.

Using Sqreen to manage your SPA security helps you decouple the management of these security headers from your code. This allows non-developers to manage them without having to redeploy/change the app code.

Our CSP manager also helps you quickly craft a robust policy and be alerted about new domains loading content.

Get started by visiting your dashboard and create a new Single Page App in your account.