The Sqreen PHP agent collects signals for the enabled security plugins and apply the configured protection and logging actions. Installing Sqreen in your PHP application takes less than a minute:

  • Sign up to Sqreen to create an account.
  • Create your first application. The application name can for example be the name of the git repository, or anything that is meaningful to identify the application.
  • Follow the procedure detailed below.

This procedure will install the two parts of the agent: the language extension and the daemon. Both parts are required Read more about the PHP agent architecture.


The following command will install and configure the PHP extension and the Sqreen daemon. Your Sqreen token is available on the application dashboard you've created earlier.

curl -s > \

Then, restart Apache or FPM.

Finally, visit your website or query our application for the PHP extension to start

Complete the installation

Please restart your application server and query your application to complete the installation.