Installation on Heroku

Protect your web applications on Heroku with Sqreen

Sqreen Node.js Agent and Heroku

Heroku is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) hosting web applications.

Sqreen supports Heroku for Node.js applications. With Sqreen, you can easily protect your Node.js apps running on Heroku.

See our Heroku page for more information.

Installation for Heroku apps

After deploying your Node.js app on Heroku, you can install the Sqreen agent.

Install the package and save it into your project:

npm install --save sqreen

Require Sqreen at the top of your main script (before New Relic if you are using it):


Set your Sqreen token (provided from your User Interface) in your home directory:

echo '{ "token": "mysecrettoken" }' > sqreen.json

From your terminal, in your application root directory: commit your changes and push them to Heroku in order to trigger the deploy of your modifications:

git commit -m 'Add Sqreen to my application' package.json
git push heroku master

Then, simply add a SQREEN_TOKEN environment variable to your environment, with the Sqreen token provided from your user interface.

This process is described by Heroku here.

More information on Heroku

Learn more about using Sqreen with Heroku on the Heroku Marketplace: