Uncover security risks hiding in email addresses

Use this endpoint to uncover more information about an email address. Sqreen has an extensive database of known attackers, as well as analysis on an email address's origins. Discover whether this email address is from an anonymizing service, or was used in an attack, and use this data to make policy decisions based on how risky we assess the email address to be.


Field Type Description
email string The email address queried.
risk_score number The assessed risk that this email address is being used by a malevolent actor.
Values range from 0 to 100. Anything greater than 80 is really bad and should be dropped; anything greater than about 40 is worth flagging and keeping an eye on.
is_email_harmful boolean Does the email address itself pose a direct security risk? E.g., does the email address contain embedded JavaScript?
is_known_attacker boolean Was this email address used as part of a security attack?
high_risk_security_events_count number The number of high-risk security events (e.g. SQL injection attacks) involving this email address.
security_events_count number The number of all security events (both high-risk and low-risk) involving this email address.
is_disposable boolean Does this email's domain belong to a known vendor of disposable, temporary, or anonymized email addresses?
is_email_malformed boolean Is the email malformed according to RFC 5322?