Slack integration

Integrate Slack and get security notifications when your attention is required

You can receive security notifications to a Slack channel of your choice when important security events are triggered. Daily reports with attacks and unusual user activity can also be sent to the Slack channel.

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Setting up Slack notifications

In order to set up Slack notifications:

  1. Go to your Account Settings (up right menu)
  2. In notifications pane, click the Add to Slack button
  3. Select the Slack team you want to integrate with, and authorize it
  4. Select the Slack channel where you wish to receive notifications



Each application and environment (Production, Staging, or Development) can have its own Slack configuration to enable Sqreen Pulses or daily security reports on Slack.

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Getting daily security reports on Slack


You can enable daily security reports on your Slack channels with the security highlights of the day:

  • Number of attacks faced by the application
  • Sqreen Pulses generated within the last 24 hours
  • Users at risk on your web application
  • Users attacking the web application

Changing the Slack channel

In order to change the Slack channel where security notifications are sent to, just click on Remove Slack button and add it again.

Disabling the Slack integration

You can disable Slack integration any time by clicking on the Remove Slack button.