What is Sqreen

Sqreen helps you protect your application and identify attackers early

Sqreen is a protection platform for web applications. Sqreen instantly detects and blocks malicious requests and identifies which user accounts are performing the attacks.

Built with developers in mind, Sqreen lets you quickly and seamlessly remediate security issues with stack traces, and actionable information to help you fix the code.

Sqreen works with a library in your application, with no network latency, and doesn't require code modification or traffic redirection.


Security... without the bad bits!

Best-in-class Application Protection Sqreen protects in real-time against cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, code/command injections and other OWASP Top-10 threats.

Block attacks, not legitimate traffic Confidently use Sqreen's protection in production. No legitimate traffic is blocked thanks to hundreds of data analyzed in the application.

Bring solutions, react fast Sqreen provides stack traces, user account information, and other information to help you fix the code and detect attackers early.

Focus on what matters Get notified when your attention is required or when you quickly need to react. Sqreen Pulses help you identify the important events.

Value of real-time protection

Security breaches often start from the code. 75% of applications are vulnerable. The lack of protection in your application can damage your business and expose your customers' data.

Traditional security requires complex tools and dedicated teams. Sqreen solves this problem by protecting your application against attacks in real time, and bringing you all the information you need to mitigate threats and react fast.

Sqreen protects your own data, your customers' data and your business in minutes and without friction.

Getting started

Sqreen is designed to be very simple to get off the ground, yet powerful and extensible. After signing up for your free trial, getting started with Sqreen takes less than 5 minutes.


Protect your application

Sqreen blocks OWASP top-10 vulnerabilities, such as SQL/NoSQL injections, cross-site scripting attacks, code/command injections, etc.

  • Database injection (SQL/NoSQL)
  • Security scan against the application
  • Security bots and non-human suspicious activity
  • Peak of HTTP errors (40x, 50x) related to security activity against the application
  • Target (human) investigation led against your application
  • Vulnerabilities detected in your application third-party dependencies
  • Shell & code injection
  • Shellshock attack
  • Cross-site scripting attack (XSS) (Reflected)

Protect your users and identify attackers early


Detecting user accounts attacking your app is key. Sqreen helps you identify user accounts attacking your application in real-time and detects security anomalies triggered.

  • Account enumeration: attackers enumerating thousands of user accounts to steal them
  • Bruteforce attacks: attackers sticking to specific user accounts and brute forcing their credentials
  • Account takeovers: compromised user accounts
  • Monitoring of users connecting through DarkNet/TOR or VPNs
  • Suspicious behaviors
  • Or unusual/simultaneous geolocations

Going further

You can integrate security into your own product with Sqreen integrations, API and webhooks. The user interface provides 1-click integration to services like Slack, New Relic, etc. Our APIs and webhooks can be set up very easily to build your own features on top of Sqreen.