Introduction to the Sqreen API

Welcome to the Sqreen API

The Sqreen API allows you to tap into our extensive knowledge base to discover security risks hiding in your own data. Find out whether that email address is from an anonymizing service, or that IP address is a Tor exit point. You can even find out if the address has been implicated in a past security attack.

For example, you might want to know whether represents a risk, and should be barred from signing up for your service. You can query the Sqreen API to discover that this user has a high risk score.

  "email": "",
  "risk_score": 80,
  "is_known_attacker": true,
  "high_risk_security_events_count": 3,
  "security_events_count": 15,
  "is_disposable": false,
  "is_email_malformed": false,
  "is_email_harmful": false

Getting started

Sound interesting? Getting started requires a few more steps.

Do I need an account?

Yes. To use the APIs, you'll need to create account with Sqreen and register a new app. Don't worry if you don't have a web app running somewhere that you want to monitor, you can get started quickly with the API by selecting any app type. You can get started building with the Sqreen API without committing to install the Sqreen Agent into a production web app.

I am already a Sqreen customer

If you already have a Sqreen account, you can either create a new app to get started playing with the Sqreen API, or you can use the API key we have generated for any apps you already have registered. Click on the API tab for any existing apps to reveal the API key.

API Keys

Ready to get started learning about the Sqreen API? You can read the documentation without an account, but playing with the APIs requires an API key.

Sign up for an account and get your free API key.

State of the API & our Roadmap

At the moment, the Screen API comprises two endpoints—one for learning more about email addresses, and one for learning more about IP addresses, both detailed below.

In the future, however, we have planned more ways for your app to integrate into the Sqreen service. We would love to hear your feedback on the API, and the future: Drop us a line and tell us what you think.

General observations on the structure of the API

All API endpoints are served over HTTP, and require encryption with SSL.

All API endpoints return JSON objects (although we'd certainly consider supporting other formats).